How To Backup Accounts In Parity

Parity is one of the many Ethereum clients. It is written in the Rust language, which offers improved reliability, performance, and code clarity. Parity is being developed by Ethcore, which was founded by several members of the Ethereum Foundation.

In this guide, the procedure for backing up existing Ethereum accounts in Parity (Windows) will be shown. If you have not installed Parity, please refer to “How To Install Parity In Windows“.

Instructions For Windows


Step 1: Navigate to the Parity folder

The Parity folder is typically stored at: C:\Users\<YOUR USER>\.parity. Note that you might need to enable viewing of hidden files to see this folder.


Step 2: Check that you have 1 file for 1 account

Upon opening the “keys” file, you should see that you have 1 file for each Ethereum account that you have in Parity. The files are known as keystore files.

Keystore files are encrypted version of your private keys. Malicious people will NOT be able to access your account with your keystore file only. They will need your keystore file AND the corresponding password for the file.

Note: This also means that if you lose your password for the file, the account is permanently gone. You have been warned.


Step 3: Backup the account files!

Since the files are encrypted, you can just save them on your favourite storage location – Dropbox, Google Drive, portable HDD etc.

Note: Even though any malicious attacker will NOT be able to assess your account, the account address will be known to them from the keystore files. They will not be able to do anything with your account but they will be able to check out your balance and transaction history in Etherscan.

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