How To Install Geth In Windows

Go-Ethereum (Geth) is one of the many Ethereum clients. It is developed by developers from the Ethereum Foundation. The core features of Ethereum web 3.0 stack are expected to arrive at Geth first.

In this guide, the procedure for installing Geth on Windows will be shown. I will be installing Geth 1.5.4 (latest stable version as of 30 Nov) on my Windows 10 machine.

Machine Specifications: (Overkill)

  • i5-6600K Processor
  • Samsung 850 Evo SSD
  • 16 GB RAM

Download & Install

Step 1: Download the latest Geth Windows release from Geth’s GitHub page.

The link to the Github page is as follows:

Click on the windows download link (as shown by the red arrow below). As an additional precaution, you can check that your download is not corrupted by verifying the file’s MD5 checksum (See How To Check MD5 Checksum of Files for more information).

Important!: Please check that you are at the CORRECT github page and ONLY download Geth from the official Github page.


Step 2: Install Geth

Begin the installation by double-clicking on the Geth installer.


Step 3: Run Geth!

You can find the exe file for Geth at your installation folder that you have specified earlier.


Double-click on the exe file to begin the block syncing process.


The full syncing of the blocks will take some time (a few hours). Notice that 128 MB was allocated as cache, as indicated by the red line. You are able to increase this cache and let Geth sync much faster.

Step 4: Forget about Step 3 and set flags to speed up Geth’s syncing!

First, go back to the installation folder. Right click on the exe file and create a shortcut (on desktop).


Go to your desktop and right click on the “Geth” shortcut. Choose “Properties” and go to “Shortcut” tab. Type in -fast -cache=1024 in the “Target”. This will let Geth be in “fast” mode and allocates 1024 MB from the RAM to Geth. If you have a lot of free ram, you can increase the amount (to say, 4096).


Step 5: Wait for Geth to complete the fast sync

You should be looking at this new screen now (as shown below). The cache will be 1024 MB and Geth will start importing state entries instead of blocks.


You will know that fast sync is completed once Geth starts to import block-by-block (1 block at a time). The fast sync took 34 minutes to complete.

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