Using EtherScan To Broadcast Transactions

EtherScan is a blockchain explorer for the Ethereum blockchain. EtherScan offers many useful features and one of the “hidden” feature is the ability to broadcast signed transactions – which will be useful if MyEtherWallet is down/overwhelmed.

Step 1: Follow this guide and generate a transaction with MyEtherWallet. (If you are sending to an ICO contract, follow this guide instead for the increased gas limit.)


Step 2: Proceed to EtherScan – Broadcast Raw Transactions

Click on the link above and you should come to this page (as shown below). Check that you are at the correct link! (Refer to the red line below)


Step 3: Copy and paste the text in the Signed Transaction field (in Step 1) into the “Ether TX Hex” box (in Step 2)

Do a visual check that you have pasted the correct text into the box. Once you are satisfied with it, click on the send transaction button. There should be a success message, which will show you the transaction ID (the value after the result).

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